Top 10 Best Ways To Prevent Neck Pain

Most people will experience neck pain at one time or another in their life, but consistent and chronic neck pain needs to be addressed.

When you experience neck pain, it’s not your actual spine that’s causing the problems. It’s more than likely your ligaments, tendons and muscles.

With this in mind, there are several key ways to make this pain go away. Follow these 10 tips and you’ll be well on your way to a pain-free neck.

How To Prevent Neck Pain

  • 1. Change your pillow.

Vector art of a womanYour neck pain could be caused by a bad pillow. It all depends on how you tend to sleep. For instance, the pillow that you purchase if you sleep on your back most of the time will be different than the pillow that you might purchase if you’re a stomach sleepers.

If you’ve ever woken up with a stiff neck, you likely have the wrong pillow, and it’s time to get a new one. Our pillow buying guide can help you make your final decision. Don’t forget that you can get new pillows with cooling features on them as well. This will keep you refreshed all night long while you sleep with the ultimate comfort on your neck.

  • 2. Do you spend a lot of time on the phone? Try a headset.

Vector drawing of an earpieceFor those who spend a lot of time on the phone either for leisure or work, this could be a main source of your neck pain. The problem is that people often sandwich the phone between their chin and their shoulder. This causes pain over time and possibly a constant kinked feeling. The answer is a headset.

Headsets are available at most electronics stores and online. You can find them with over the ear headphones or with earbuds that fit inside the ears. There are also wire connected headphones or those that are wireless. Most headsets will have a microphone that extends to the mouth area as well. Use this to speak on the phone when you need to.

  • 3. Drink enough water everyday.

Keeping your joints fluid and your body hydrated overall will help with your neck pain as well. Our bodies are made of mostly water, so it makes sense that we need enough of it every day to feel good.

In general, I recommend that adult men and women drink half of their weight in ounces of water each day. For instance, if you weigh 120 pounds, try to drink 60 ounces of milk, water or caffeine-free juice each day. Remember that alcohol, coffee, caffeinated tea and caffeinated soda do not count.

  • 4. Choose the right chair and car seat.

Vector art of an office chairAgain, if you are someone who sits at a desk or in front of a computer all day, try to make sure that you have an ergonomic chair. Even at home, you should have an ergonomic chair to sit on.

The term ergonomic refers to seating products that are designed for comfort and efficiency. In general, an ergonomic chair will be one that supports your back in all places and gives you firm but soft support.

  • 5. Put your smartphone in a drawer once in a while.

Vector drawing of a guy with a phoneDo you feel that you are always looking at your phone? If you are addicted to your smartphone, consider putting it into a drawer every once in a while.

This may help you to stop looking at it so often. To be sure, staring down constantly at the same angle while you text or scroll on your phone can cause a kink in your neck which could possibly transition into something worse. Be careful when you look at your phone, and try to avoid doing it too much!

  • 6. Avoid sleeping on your stomach.

Vector drawing of a person sleepingSleeping on your stomach puts more pressure on your neck and curves your spine in the wrong direction. Because we sleep for up to 8 hours every night, this unusual position can cause serious problems for your neck and back.

If you absolutely must sleep on your stomach, make sure that your pillow is not too thick so that your neck is not strained up at an awkward angle.

  • 7. Know the proper ways to lift and carry heavy objects.

Drawing of a person lifting a heavy objectWhether you’re lifting and carrying heavy things at home or at work, maintaining the proper lifting and carrying postures is essential.

First, make sure that you never bend at the waist to pick up heavy things. This puts all of the pressure on your spine. Instead, bend your knees and squat to pick the object up. While you carry heavy things, go slowly. Set the object down in the same way by squatting and bending the knees instead of bending at the waist.

  • 8. Change the height of your computer monitor or laptop screen.

Vector drawing of a monitorIf you sit in front of a computer or laptop all day, consider changing the height of your monitor screen. Looking down or high up at your screen all day can cause serious problems with your neck.

Doing this for just a few minutes or even an hour at a time won’t be a problem, but doing this each and every day for a long time can cause longterm pain and discomfort. Instead of having your monitor up or down from your straight line vision, try to put it directly in front of your eyesight.

  • 9. Learn how to self massage for pain.

Vector drawing of a massage therapyIf you have chronic neck pain, massage can be the answer that you’ve been looking for. With that in mind, you don’t have to go to a professional massage therapist for massages. You can do it by yourself at home!

Self massage can be done with your own hands and a container of calming lotion, or you can purchase a massager device. At-home massager devices for the neck come in a number of styles and are available in a range of prices. Use them to relieve tension and pain every night!

  • 10. Check out your posture.

Drawing of a person at a workstationYour daily posture will inevitably have a lot to do with whether or not you experience neck, shoulder and back pain on a regular basis. If you can improve your posture when you stand, walk and sit, you can improve your neck pain.

For starters, always try to sit up straight. Pretend that a string runs from you tail bone, up through your spine, up your neck and through the top of your head. Keep all of these parts of your body in line. Also keep your shoulders back, your tummy tucked in and your chin up.


Following the tips above will surely help you find a way to eliminate the neck pain that’s been bothering you. I truly hope that this guide helps.

Finally, don’t forget that a brand new cooling pillow will do amazing things for your neck pain and discomfort. It’s one of the most important steps to take.

Our cooling pillow buying guide is one of the best options for finding the perfect pillow for you. It contains reviews, tips and general information on everything that relates to cooling pillows. Check it out, use these 10 tips and you’ll be sure to see amazing results.