Best Steam Irons Reviewed & Compared in 2018

Are you sick and tired of spending way too long pressing clothes with a mediocre iron only to sacrifice other tasks or quality time with your family? Do you want a top-notch steam iron that will effortlessly iron out wrinkles and creases in jeans, blouses, dress shirts, t-shirts, and even curtains? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

In this guide you’ll find in-depth steam iron reviews, learn all about the top 10 steam irons, and discover invaluable tips and tricks to make ironing easier than ever before.

Whether you want the absolute best steam iron money can buy or a solid intermediate option with a more attractive price tag, you’ll never find yourself pressed for time while pressing ever again!

Top Steam Irons

Rowenta DW5080 1700-Watt Micro Steam Iron Stainless Steel Soleplate with Auto-Off, 400-Hole, Brown
  • Rowenta DW5080 Focus
  • Best Rowenta Steam Iron
  • 1700W
  • Price: See Here!
Rowenta DW2070 Effective Comfort 1600-Watt Steam Iron Stainless Steel Soleplate with Auto-Off, 300-Hole, Blue
  • Panasonic 360 Freestyle
  • Best Cordless Steam Iron
  • 1500W
  • Price: See Here!
BLACK+DECKER Digital Advantage Professional Steam Iron, LCD Screen, Gray, D2030
  • Rowenta DG5030 Pro
  • Best Professional Steam Generator Iron
  • 1750W
  • Price: See Here!

Different Types of Steam Irons Available

 best steam irons

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As their name suggests, steam irons allow you to apply steam to your clothes or other materials while ironing. The steam released from these irons moistens fabric fibers and removes wrinkles much more effectively than non-steam irons. Before delving into the best steam irons, here’s a quick look at the three main types of steam irons on the market today:

Conventional steam irons are simple and effective. They allow you to apply a small amount of steam to a fabric prior to ironing, making it faster and easier to remove wrinkles and creases. While a conventional steam iron lacks the overall power and capabilities of a modern steam iron system, many newer models have anti-calcium valves and a number of other features designed to make ironing a breeze.

Whether you’re a stay at home mom who washes a dozen loads a week or a prim and proper professional who dresses to impress each day, you’ll definitely benefit from a steam generator iron. Designed to be a professional steam iron system, a steam generator iron produces a higher steam output and is ideal for larger loads or those who want professional results in seconds.

There are two types of steam generator irons: pressurized and non-pressurized. Both versions produce twice as much steam as conventional steam irons, but a pressurized steam ironing system can penetrate fabrics more deeply and deliver even better results.

If you’re always on the go or have fewer clothes to iron, a cordless steam iron may be a suitable option. While they lack the power, features, and overall performance of many corded models, they are super easy to maneuver and great for traveling. If portability and maneuverability are more important to you than power and performance, a cordless model may be the way to go. Just be prepared for less power and spending a little more time getting the wrinkles out.

Our Top 10 Best Steam Irons Reviews

1. Rowenta DW5080 Focus Steam Iron

Rowenta DW5080 1700-Watt Micro Steam Iron Stainless Steel Soleplate with Auto-Off, 400-Hole, Brown


The Rowenta DW5080 is one of the best rated steam irons on the market today and often praised in steam iron reviews. In addition to its striking good looks and enhanced precision tip for reaching collars and buttons, this nifty steam iron has 400 steam holes for incredibly efficient steam distribution.

This popular Rowenta also has a scratch-resistant, stainless steel soleplate with an aluminum core, self-cleaning feature, and an array of other neat features only found on the best steam irons. It even has a rounded bottom to prevent fresh creases from occurring when you move the iron back and forth when ironing a garment.

One use and it’s clear a lot of thought and ingenuity went into designing the Rowenta DW5080. If you use and compare Rowenta irons, you’ll surely see why it sits uncontested at the top of this list.

  • Stainless steel soleplate with aluminum core
  • Precision tip
  • Steam jet
  • Anti-calc system
  • Self-cleaning
  • Three-way auto shutoff
  • Suitable for vertical steaming
  • 1700-watt

2. Rowenta DW2070 Steam Iron

Rowenta DW2070 Effective Comfort 1600-Watt Steam Iron Stainless Steel Soleplate with Auto-Off, 300-Hole, Blue

It may not be the absolute best steam iron out there, but the Rowenta DW2070 is certainly one of the best values. The sleek looking blue and white iron has an affordable price tag and a solid reputation, making it a popular option and also frequently mentioned in steam iron reviews.

Although the DW2070 is a lower-end Rowenta, it has all of the features and design elements you need to make ironing less burdensome and more fun. With 300 mini steam holes for even steam distribution and better results, most buyers rave about its performance and steam output.

If you’re looking for a wonderful steam iron that looks good and works great, the DW2070 won’t disappoint.

  • Stainless steel soleplate with 300 steam holes
  • Precision tip
  • Self-cleaning
  • Anti-calc system
  • Variable steam
  • Shot of steam
  • Suitable for vertical steaming
  • Three-way auto shutoff
  • Thumb rest
  • 1600-watt

3. Black & Decker D2030 Steam Iron

BLACK+DECKER Digital Advantage Professional Steam Iron, LCD Screen, Gray, D2030

The Black & Decker D2030 is a best-selling steam iron and enjoys thousands of overwhelmingly positive Amazon reviews, making the top rated steam iron an excellent option for just about everyone.

Why is it so popular? Well, if you compare steam irons, you’ll find that it’s one of the only models with a digital display. This allows you to easily see and customize the temperature. It also has a built-in fabric guide, stainless steel soleplate, and a durable fool-proof design.

In fact, most users report their D2030’s lasting for at least five years. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another steam iron built as well as this Black & Decker.

  • Stainless steel soleplate
  • Variable steam
  • Burst of steam
  • Suitable for vertical steaming
  • Built-in fabric guide
  • Digital LCD display
  • Soft grip handle
  • Self-cleaning
  • Auto shutoff
  • 1500-watt

4. Panasonic NI-E200T Steam Iron

Panasonic NI-E200T Steam/Dry Iron with U-Shape Titanium Coated Soleplate

Like the Black & Decker above, the Panasonic NI-E200T is also one of the best-selling irons on Amazon and mentioned in plenty of steam iron reviews. True, the iron’s price tag likely has a lot to do with its popularity, but it also boasts a smart design and impressive range of features for an iron in its price point.

For instance, the titanium soleplate has a non-stick coating and features a U-shaped design for even pressure distribution and steam circulation. The iron also has a steam output switch with not one but three steam settings.

It would be nice to have more than 1200 watts of power. However, when you factor in the five fabric settings and eight-foot retractable cord as well, the Panasonic NI-E200T is easily one of the best bargains around.

  • Non-stick titanium soleplate
  • Adjustable steam
  • Spray mist
  • Five fabric settings
  • 360-degree retractable cord
  • 1200-watt

 5. Rowenta DW8080 Pro Steam Iron

Rowenta DW8080 Professional Micro Steam Iron Stainless Steel Soleplate with Auto-Off, 1700-Watt, 400-Hole, Blue

If more power and professional performance is what you’re after, look no further than the Rowenta DW8080 Pro Steam Iron. Professional performance typically comes with a higher price tag, but if you’re willing to pay more for the best steam iron on the block, this Rowenta is a perfect choice.

The impressive professional-grade iron is well-built and has a solid feel that’s guaranteed to inspire confidence from the very first time you pick it up. Like the DW5080, has a highly polished soleplate with 400 mini steam holes for perfect steam distribution.

Combined with an impressive 1700 watts of power, this steam generating iron is capable of delivering professional results time and time again. It’s simply one of the best clothing irons available and takes the cake in almost any Rowenta iron comparison.

  • Highly polished stainless soleplate with 400 steam holes
  • Precision tip
  • Anti-calc system
  • Anti-drip
  • Variable steam
  • Burst of steam
  • Spray mist
  • Self-cleaning
  • Three-way auto shutoff
  • 1700-watt

6. Black & Decker D2630 Steam Iron

Black & Decker D2630 Auto-Off Digital Advantage Iron, Bronze

Similar to the Black & Decker D2030, the D2630 also features a modern, easy-to-use digital display, allowing you to easily adjust the temperature and steam for any type of fabric. In addition to the backlit LCD, the D2630 also comes with a fabric guide, stainless steel soleplate, variable steam dial, and a powerful steam burst function.

Whether you’re ironing a million wrinkles out of a large cotton sheet or doing a quick touch up on a delicate garment, this versatile iron can get the job done and get it done right. It can even be used for vertically steaming drapes and clothes without an ironing board!

Despite all of these features and functions, the D2630 has yet to earn hundreds or thousands of reviews. That being said, if you’re more keen on durability and performance than you are popularity, this mid-level Black & Decker definitely deserves a shot. In my humble opinion, it’s arguably the best steam iron for the money on the market today.

  • Stainless steel soleplate
  • Variable steam
  • Burst of steam
  • Spray mist
  • Suitable for vertical steaming
  • Digital display and controls
  • Comfort grip handle
  • Anti-drip
  • Self-cleaning
  • Three-way auto shutoff
  • 1500-watt

7. Sunbeam Steam Master GCSBSP-201 Steam Iron

Sunbeam Steam Master 1400 Watt Large-size Anti-Drip Non-Stick Stainless Steel Soleplate Iron with Variable Steam control and 8' Retractable Cord, Chrome/Teal, GCSBSP-201-000

Everyone loves Sunbeams because they’re cheap. However, the brand’s Steam Master GCSBSP-201 Steam Iron proves a cheaply priced steam iron doesn’t have to be cheaply made.

Sure, it lacks the bells and whistles of the Black & Deckers and doesn’t necessarily have the highest steam irons ratings, but this nifty little steamer performs surprisingly well for its price and has earned a spot on this top 10 irons list.

In addition to having a retractable cord, which is a hard-to-find feature at this price point, the Sunbeam Steam Master has a stainless steel soleplate that glides over fabrics like butter and enough large steam holes to adequately press the most wrinkly of garments. There’s also a dual-spray mist function and variable steam lever with four settings, including a dry option.

With thousands of positive steam iron reviews and good price tag, this Sunbeam is honestly one of the best steam irons your hard-earned-money can buy.

  • Stainless steel soleplate
  • Variable steam
  • Dual-spray mist
  • Shot of steam
  • Suitable for vertical steaming
  • Self-cleaning
  • Anti-drip
  • Three-way smart shutoff
  • Retractable cord
  • 1400-watt

8. Panasonic NI-W810CS Steam Iron

Panasonic Dry and Steam Iron with Ceramic Soleplate, Fabric Temperature Dial and Safety Auto Shut Off - 1500 Watt Multi Directional Iron - NI-W810CS (Champagne)

Unlike most V-shaped steam irons, the Panasonic NI-W810CS Steam Iron features an elliptical shaped soleplate with a double tip. This unique design element helps prevent creases from forming when moving the iron.

It sounds simple, but many subpar steam irons end up forming just as many creases as they get rid of, which is a real pain when you have a week’s worth of clothes to press. As other steam iron reviews will attest, you don’t have to worry about that with this Panasonic. In fact, its multi-directional design will cut your ironing time by at least 25 percent!

If that weren’t enough, the NI-W810CS also comes with a steam jet for difficult wrinkles, four adjustable steam settings, and a temperature dial with five temperature options. With such ingenuity and so much going for it, this smart Panasonic may just be the best steam iron of the bunch.

  • Double-tipped ceramic soleplate
  • Steam jet
  • Adjustable steam
  • Spray mist
  • Suitable for vertical steaming
  • Anti-drip
  • Anti-calc system
  • Self-cleaning
  • Auto shutoff
  • 1500-watt

9. Rowenta DW5197 Focus Steam Iron

Rowenta DW5197 Partner of Fashion Focus Steam 1725-Watt Micro Steam Iron with Stainless Steel Soleplate, 400-Hole, Purple

Elliptical shaped soleplates and dual tips are great and all, but if you’re searching for a powerful professional-grade steam iron, you’re going to love the Rowenta DWS5197. Designed for crafters and fashion designers, the Rowenta DWS5197 is designed to get the creases and wrinkles out of just about anything.

The first-class iron produces 1725 watts of power and features the same great stainless steel soleplate as the DW5080. Yep, boatloads of power plus 400 micro steam holes, resulting in one of if not the best clothes iron ever made. There’s a reason it consistently receives the best steam iron reviews ratings.

The good folks at Rowenta didn’t stop there, however. In addition to producing professional-grade power and performance, the DWS5197 is also equipped with a precision tip for difficult hard-to-reach places. Other useful features include: auto steam and self-cleaning functions, temperature controls, and steam burst and spray buttons.

Despite all of its pros, it’s important to note this steam iron lacks an automatic shutoff function. This makes it an excellent option for professional crafters and fashion designers who often iron fabrics for minutes on end. However, for those on the go or parents concerned with safety, it’s something to consider.

  • Stainless steel soleplate with precision tip
  • Auto steam
  • Burst of steam
  • Water spray
  • Suitable for vertical steaming
  • Anti-drip
  • Anti-calc system
  • Self-cleaning
  • 1725-watt

 10. T-fal FV4495 Ultraglide Steam Iron

T-fal FV4495 Ultraglide Easycord Steam Iron Ceramic Scratch Resistant Non-Stick Soleplate with Auto-Off and Anti-Drip System, 1725-Watt, Black, Medium

Last but certainly not least, the T-fal FV4495 Ultraglide Steam Iron provides the same great power and performance as the Rowenta above, plus it has a few other useful features as well.

That’s right. In addition to producing 1725 watts of power, which allows you to perfectly press anything with ease, it also has a three-way automatic shutoff function, an extra-long cord with Easycord system, anti-scale system, and self-cleaning function.

With the ability to provide 3 grams per minutes of continuous steam and steam bursts over 100 grams per minute as well, it’s bar none the best iron to buy for ironing clothes. T-fal may be best known for their non-stick pots and pans, but this steam iron may be their greatest product yet. It’s that good.

  • Ceramic Ultra-Glide soleplate
  • Continuous steam
  • Burst of steam
  • Suitable for vertical steaming
  • Anti-drip
  • Self-cleaning
  • Three-way auto shutoff
  • Extra-long Easy Cord system
  • 1725-watt

Our Top 3 Rated Cordless Steam Irons

1. Panasonic 360 Freestyle Cordless Steam Iron

Panasonic 360 Freestyle Cordless Iron with Carrying Case PURPLE

As far as first impressions go, the Panasonic 360 Freestyle Cordless Steam Iron makes quite an entrance. However, don’t let its fun purple color and round eye-like shape fool you. It may not be the best steam iron ever made, but it has garnered many impressive steam iron reviews and has a surprising number of features stuffed into its compact frame.

Panasonic excels at making cordless products, and the 360 Freestyle is a testament to this. This delightful little iron is powered by a 1500-watt battery and features a curved stainless steel double-tipped soleplate. Thus, it can be moved back and forth effortlessly without creating those pesky lines and creases caused by inferior irons.

The design of the soleplate also means you can use both ends when ironing around buttons and difficult spots. Combined with its cordless operation, it’s easily one of the most versatile steam irons being made today!

  • Curved stainless steel soleplate
  • Digital temperature controls
  • Variable steam
  • Burst of steam
  • Spray mist
  • Suitable fir vertical steaming
  • Anti-drip
  • Anti-calc system
  • Self-cleaning
  • Auto shutoff
  • Cordless
  • Detachable water tank
  • 1500-watt

2. Panasonic NI-L70SR Cordless Steam Iron

Panasonic Cordless Iron with Stainless Steel Soleplate, Vertical Steam, Auto Shut Off and Detachable Water Tank - Dry and Steam Iron - NI-L70SRW (White/Clear/Green)

If you like the power and cordless functionality of the 360 Freestyle but prefer better controls and a more conventional shape, the Panasonic NI-L70SR is tough to beat. The 1500-watt cordless steam iron has a curved stainless steel soleplate with steam holes along its sides and indentations designed to trap air. These indentations help the iron glide super smoothly over any and all fabrics.

As mentioned, the Panasonic NI-L70SR also has improved controls. Rather than featuring a standard temperature dial, the state-of-the-art iron allows you to control the temperature settings via a microprocessor. It also has an indicator light and another switch for whatever fabric you’re ironing.

Equally impressive is the detachable water tank. Reviewers absolute love this safe and spill-free feature!

With everything it brings to the table, the NI-L70SR is a definite contender in any best cordless iron discussion. So, if you’re searching for the best clothes irons of the cordless variety, this Panasonic should be at the top of your list.

  • Stainless steel soleplate
  • Digital temp controls
  • Multi-directional design
  • Adjustable steam
  • Burst of steam
  • Spray mist
  • Suitable for vertical steaming
  • Stay-clean steam vents
  • Anti-drip
  • Auto shutoff
  • Detachable water tank
  • Carrying case
  • 1500-watt

3. Panasonic NI-WL600 Cordless Steam Iron

Panasonic NI-WL600 Cordless Multi-Directional Iron, Stainless Steel Soleplate, Silver/Black

It may lack the purple façade of the Panasonic 360 Freestyle above, but aside from that, the award-winning Panasonic NI-WL600 is nearly identical to the 360 in every way. Therefore, it definitely deserves a spot in our top 3!

With the Panasonic NI-WL600, ironing no longer needs to be a boring, time-consuming chore. With an impressive 1500 watts of power and a one-of-a-kind design, this awesome little iron performs remarkably well and provides a bevy of convenient features. This makes it easy as pie to efficiently iron loads of slacks, dress shirts, and any other garment or fabric you can think of.

There’s a reason this Panasonic is mentioned in nearly all best steam irons reviews. It’s the perfect combination of speed, precision, and ease of use. What’s not to like about that?

  • Curved stainless steel soleplate
  • Adjustable steam
  • Multi-directional design
  • Digital temperature control
  • Jet of steam
  • Spray mist
  • Suitable for vertical steaming
  • Anti-drip
  • Self-cleaning
  • Auto shutoff
  • Optional retractable cord
  • 1500-watt

Our Top 3 Rated Professional Steam Generator Irons

1. Rowenta DG5030 Pro Steam Generator Iron

Rowenta DG5030 Pro Iron Steam Iron Station with Stainless Steel Soleplate, 1750-Watt, Gray

Serious ironers need serious steam, and the Rowenta DG5030 provides exactly that. It may look intimidating at first, but the professional quality steam generator iron produces an abundance of steam that even the best steam iron simply can’t replicate.

In fact, the steam of the DG5030 penetrates so deeply that many steam iron reviews have reported not even needing to iron both sides of clothes. Imagine the time savings!

Unlike traditional steam irons, this Rowenta also has a separate oversized water tank. Thanks to this awesome feature, you can iron away amongst clouds of steam without needing to constantly refill the tank.

Speaking of steam, to activate the steam simply press the conveniently located handle trigger and the DG5030 will release all the steam you like for up to 90 minutes. After 90 minutes you’ll have to refill the tank, which only takes a sec. On that note, if you have more than 90 minutes of ironing to do on any given day, this Rowenta will become your new best friend.

  • Stainless steel soleplate
  • Variable on-demand steam generation
  • Suitable for vertical steaming
  • Oversized 33-ounce detachable water tank
  • Compact base
  • 12-foot cord
  • 1750-watt

2. Rowenta DG8430 Steam Generator Iron Pro

Rowenta DG8430 Pro Precision 1800-Watt Steam Iron Station Stainless Steel Soleplate, 400-Hole, Purple

The DG5030 is an impressive steam generator iron and suitable for just about anyone other than a professional dry cleaner. However, if you want the ultimate steam generator iron and arguably the best clothing iron money can buy, you have to check out the Rowenta DG8430 Steam Generator Iron Pro.

Powered by 1800 watts, the DG8430 is one of the most powerful consumer steam irons on the market, making it ideal for anyone with loads of laundry and ironing to do. Like the DG5030 above, this model also has a separate 33-ounce water tank that allows for 90 minutes of continuous steaming.

As far as the iron itself is concerned, it features a nicely polished stainless steel soleplate with hundreds of steam holes. Thanks to this and the high steam output, this iron floats effortlessly floats across fabrics and leaves them perfect as can be.

It also happens to be the highest rated steam iron out there, and that says a lot.

  • Polished stainless steel soleplate
  • Precision tip
  • 12-foot power cord
  • Oversized 33-ounce water tank
  • 4-bar steam pressure
  • Variable on-demand steam
  • Suitable for vertical steaming
  • Anti-calc system
  • 1800-watt

3. DeLonghi Stiromeglio Compact Pro Steam Generator Iron

DeLonghi Stiromeglio Compact PRO 300 Ironing System with Pressurized Boiler

Made for those who prefer Italian refinement over pure performance, the DeLonghi Stiromeglio Compact Pro Steam Generator Iron is a worthy option to round out this list.

The DeLonghi Compact Pro consists of an iron and separate stainless steel boiler tank, and there are separate switches for each on the control panel as well as a steam indicator light. As is the case with the Rowentas above, you can steam with the DeLonghi for approximately 90 minutes per tank of water.

Unlike the Rowentas, however, this steam generator iron takes a little longer to heat up and get going. Nonetheless, if you can wait a few extra minutes, it more than makes up for it with its steam capabilities. Plus, it has a cork handle, satin polished aluminum soleplate, and looks more like an elegant showpiece than a household appliance, making it one of the top rated steam irons being made today.

  • Brushed aluminum soleplate
  • Continuous steam lock
  • Adjustable steam generation
  • 3.5-bar steam pressure
  • Suitable for vertical steaming
  • Detachable one liter water tank
  • Indicator light
  • Adjustable steam cord
  • 1500-watt

Top 10 Best Steam Iron Brands

1. Rowenta

Rowenta DW5080 1700-Watt Micro Steam Iron Stainless Steel Soleplate with Auto-Off, 400-Hole, Brown If you’ve been looking at steam irons for any length of time, then you’ve likely read a bevy of overwhelmingly positive Rowenta steam iron reviews.

Originally founded in Frankfurt, Germany as Weintraub & Co. and later named after its creator in 1909, the premium brand began originally created quality time pieces, lighting accessories, and office supplies. Today, it’s one of the most popular home appliances makers in Europe and manufactures coffee makers, kettles, vacuum cleaners, and of course steam irons.

You can find quality Rowenta steam irons for sale for around $100 or so. The brand’s more powerful steam generator irons, on the other hand, cost $100-$150. Depending on your needs and how much ironing you do, it may or may not be money well spent.

2. Black & Decker

Black Decker steam iron reviews

Courtesy of Clay Larsen

What started as a simple Baltimore machine shop, Black & Decker now makes a wide range of products, some of which have even been to the moon and back! From cordless drills and miter saws to hammers and weed eaters, Black & Decker makes it all. Therefore, it’s not surprising to find steam irons in the brand’s product lineup as well.

Black & Decker offers a wide array of steam irons with groundbreaking temperature control technology and an assortment of soleplates, including ceramic, polished stainless steel, and non-stick options. You can find Black & Decker steam irons online or at any bog box store at very reasonable prices, making them a solid choice for just about anyone.

With thousands of positive Black Decker steam iron reviews and a longstanding reputation for excellence, it’s hard to go wrong with a Black & Decker steam iron.

3. Panasonic

Panasonic steam iron reviews

Courtesy of MIKI Yoshihito

Like Black & Decker, Panasonic steam irons are worthy mid-priced options for average guys and gals not responsible for ironing washer loads of clothes each and every week. Panasonic irons are available in both standard and cordless varieties and come with ceramic or stainless steel soleplates.

That being said, the brand’s cordless irons are by far the most popular. Lightweight, affordable, and incredibly easy to maneuver, Panasonic’s cordless steam irons are right up there with some of the best in the business. Just do search for “Panasonic steam iron reviews” and you’ll see just how awesome the brand’s cordless irons really are.

Best of all, you can typically find them for sale online or most big box stores.

4. Sunbeam

Sunbeam Steam Master 1400 Watt Large-size Anti-Drip Non-Stick Stainless Steel Soleplate Iron with Variable Steam control and 8' Retractable Cord, Chrome/Teal, GCSBSP-201-000 A public company since 1952, Sunbeam is yet another steam iron manufacturer with a reputation for excellence. Sold practically everywhere for generations, chances are your parents and even grandparents have owned a Sunbeam iron at some point in time.

Today, Sunbeam makes a wide variety of steam irons in the lower to intermediate price category. Sunbeam irons feature stainless steel or non-stick soleplates and you can find them online and at dozens of brick and mortar stores.

Before you buy a sunbeam iron, however, make sure to check out my Sunbeam steam iron reviews to make an educated purchasing decision.

5. T-Fal

T-Fal is one of those rare companies formed out of old fashioned ingenuity. It all started in 1954, when Marc Grégoire’s wife asked if he would spray her pots and pans with the same Teflon coating he used on his fishing gear. Two years later, the mega-brand T-Fal was born.

Since then, the company has come a long way and now makes much more than pots and pans. Utilizing the same non-stick coatings on its soleplates as it does its cookware, T-Fal steam irons glide over fabrics with ease.

Along with the company’s brand awareness, this feature has garnered high praise in a number of T Fal steam iron reviews.

6. DeLonghi

DeLonghi Stiromeglio Compact PRO 300 Ironing System with Pressurized Boiler DeLonghi was founded in Italy in 1902 by the DeLonghi family. Over the years, it has become well-known for making an assortment of top of the line food and drink preparation products, such as espresso and cappuccino makers, coffee grinders, Panini grills, toaster ovens, blenders, gelato makers, and more.

In addition to kitchen appliances, DeLonghi also manufactures some of the best steam generator irons on the market. Exuding Italian craftsmanship, DeLonghi steam irons produce enough steam to perfectly iron the jerseys of an entire football team and loom good while doing so.

A quick read of some DeLonghi steam iron reviews and you’ll see just how impressive these Italian steam irons really are.

7. Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach steam iron reviewsHamilton Beach is another major brand known for making some of the top steam irons and small home appliances.

From sewing machines to coffee makers, you can find Hamilton Beach products in homes across North America.

Like its other products, Hamilton Beach steam irons are truly indispensable.

Whether you need to iron fabrics for a creative project or iron a shirt for work, they have a great selection of irons capable of tackling any ironing job.

While there are oodles of positive Hamilton Beach steam iron reviews for a variety of irons, the brand’s Durathon irons have become quite popular due to their quality design and indestructible construction.

8. Oliso

Based in San Francisco, Oliso specializes in making cutting-edge products that push the limits of innovation and simplify everyday life. The company’s primary goal is to find the perfect balance between function and aesthetic appeal, resulting in ergonomic products that look great and work even better.

The Oliso Smart Iron is a perfect example of this mantra. Featuring patented iTouch technology, it’s designed to make ironing as user-friendly as possible. According to Martha Stewart Living, Oliso “makes ironing easy, even a little fun.” I couldn’t agree more. Read a few Oliso steam iron reviews and you’ll see why the company has everyone talking.

9. Reliable

Reliable Velocity 200IR Compact Vapor Generator Home Iron Reliable makes products that are, well, reliable. With deep roots in the sewing industry, the company has progressed over the years and now makes top-quality products for the garment care industry as well.

In addition to supplying thousands upon thousands of dry cleaners across the US, Reliable also creates a variety of innovative and durable consumer ironing products.

Although you won’t find a wide variety of Reliable steam iron reviews like you will with the other brands on this list, the company’s home ironing products have a stellar reputation and likely won’t disappoint.

10. Russell Hobbs

Russell Hobbs 15081 Steamglide Iron in White and Blue - 2400 W Bill Russell and Peter Hobbs created Russell Hobbs in 1952 and introduced the very first home coffee maker designed to actually stay warm. By 1975, the UK brand had manufactured over five million products, including the best-selling toaster of all time.

Despite only being available in North America since 2012, Russell Hobbs products are quickly gaining recognition in the US. S

ince it has yet to become a household name in America like Black & Decker or Hamilton Beach, there aren’t as many Russell Hobbs steam iron reviews to peruse through. However, the one’s that do exist sing high praises for the brand and its ironing products.

Factors & Features to Consider When Buying Steam Irons

There are a variety of factors and features to consider when shopping for a quality steam iron. You can read steam irons reviews and compare irons for hours on end, but unless you know the different features of steam irons and how they work, you won’t be able to make an informed purchasing decision.

To help you do just that, here is a helpful categorized list of the most important factors and features to consider when buying a steam iron:

steam irons reviews Cleaning and Safety Features

Anti-scale function

Built into many steam irons, the anti-scale function is designed to automatically prevent limescale buildup.

Self-cleaning system

Steam irons with self-cleaning systems are supposed to automatically flush out mineral deposits from their vents, keeping them clean and limescale-free. However, this function isn’t always effective, especially with hard water or after prolonged use. Generally, the burst of steam feature found on most quality steam irons works best for cleaning vents.

Anti-drip feature

This helpful feature is standard on many quality steam irons and keeps water from dripping down from the steam vents, helping to prevent leaks and spills.

Automatic shutoff

This feature automatically turns off an iron when not used for a specific period of time. As you can see from the steam iron reviews above, many irons have this safety-conscious feature, but some professional-grade models do not. You should consider your needs to determine whether an automatic shutoff function is right for you.

Water-Related Factors and Features

Water capacity

This refers to the amount of water an iron is capable of holding in its water reservoir. With conventional steam irons, the water reservoir is located within the iron itself. Steam generator irons, on the other hand, have larger separate water tanks/reservoirs for increased steam output. Essentially, the greater the water capacity of an iron, the longer you can iron before needing to refill.

Removable water reservoirsteam irons reviews

Irons with removable water reservoirs are easier to fill and keep users from spilling water when refilling.

Transparent water reservoir

A transparent reservoir simply makes it easier to see an iron’s water level.

Continuous fill feature

The continuous fill feature alleviates the time-consuming burden of having to turn an iron off when refilling the water. With continuous fill, you can refill the water reservoir while the iron is still on, so you never have to wait for it to reheat ever again.

Water fill-hole cover

Designed to prevent leaking, a water fill-hole cover is a sliding or hinged cover over top of the water fill hole.

Steam-Related Factors and Features

Steam output

steam irons reviews

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The higher the steam output of an iron, the better it usually is at removing wrinkles and creases. This not only results in better looking clothes, but it can drastically cut down on ironing time as well. Steam output is measured in grams per minute, so the more grams per minute that is listed, the higher the steam output. Steam generator irons, on the other hand, can generate up to five bars of pressure.

Steam gauge

This feature allows you to turn the steam on or off and adjust the amount.

Steam shot feature

An iron with this feature allows you to trigger a shot of steam directly onto the fabric. With this feature, you can successfully get rid of the toughest of creases and reduce your ironing time. Like steam output, the steam shot feature is usually measured in grams per minute.

Burst of steam button

Much like the steam shot feature, a burst of steam button allows you to deliver an extra burst of steam to tame the toughest of wrinkles. This feature is particularly useful for jeans and other heavy fabrics.

Vertical steam

Some of the better steam irons on the market can be used vertically like a steamer to iron out the creases and wrinkles in drapes and hanging garments.

Power-Related Factors and Features

Wattagebest steam iron

Higher wattage results in increased performance and less warmup time. If you’re shopping for the best steam iron, you should consider a model that produces at least 1700 anti-calcium valves.

Cord length

Irons with longer cords are more maneuverable and easier to use, so cord length should be another consideration when reading steam iron reviews.

Retractable cord

A retractable cord coils up inside of the iron, freeing up space and helping to eliminate tripping.

Soleplate Factors and Materials


A soleplate is the part of the iron that comes into contact with your clothes. Therefore, a quality soleplate should glide over fabrics with ease. The material of a soleplate plays a great role in its performance and durability.

Aluminum soleplate

Basic steam irons tend to have aluminum soleplates. Although they conduct heat well, aluminum soleplates scratch easily and are difficult to clean. Since they aren’t non-stick, aluminum soleplates don’t glide over clothes as well as ceramic and stainless steel models. They also wear out quickly and tend to stick over time.

Stainless steel soleplate

Stainless steel is the most popular soleplate material as it evenly distributes heat and glides over fabrics extremely well. However, since stainless steel soleplates scratch rather easily, it’s important to iron with care around zippers and buttons.

Ceramic soleplate

Many of today’s best irons utilize ceramic soleplates for their solid heat distribution, superior durability, and naturally non-stick surface. Compared to other materials, ceramic soleplates glide over fabrics like butter.

Coated non-stick soleplate

Steam irons with coated non-stick soleplates are very easy to use as they often easily glide over fabrics. They are usually more durable and easier to clean as well, making them viable options for consumer use.

Control Features and Considerations

Convenient controls

 easy-to-use controls

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When shopping for an iron, it’s important to pick a model with convenient, easy-to-use controls. The temperature control should be conveniently located, preferably on the handle. The fabric settings should also be clearly marked and easy to see.

Digital controls

Some of the more expensive models have modern digital controls. It’s honestly a matter of preference, but many in today’s day and age prefer digital models for their improved accuracy and ease of use.

Indicator light

Most quality steam irons feature an indicator light showing when the iron is turned on.

Tips on Choosing the Best Steam Iron

Today’s steam irons are easier to use and provide more features than ever before. Therefore, choosing a good clothes iron really isn’t that difficult. That being said, there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for the best steam iron for you and your home.

Consider What You’ll Be Ironing

Some people only iron a dress outfit once in a blue moon, while others iron everything they wear and then some.

If you have a closet-full of jeans or iron a lot of thick, heavy fabrics and natural fibers, then you will definitely benefit from an iron with a steam shot or burst of steam feature and plenty of power to get the job done quicker and better.

On the other hand, if you also need a steam iron for pressing drapes and hanging clothes, you should consider a model suitable for vertical steaming as well.

Consider Your Budget reviews of steam irons

While you usually get what you pay for with most things in life, there are some exceptional affordably-priced steam irons out there just begging for a home.

So, don’t feel the need to blow your budget on a steam iron, because a less expensive model will probably also suit your needs. Simply browse the reviews of steam irons on this site and you’ll find dozens of excellent options!

Consider the Warranty

When shopping for a steam iron, or any appliance for that matter, you should carefully consider the warranty. Even if you buy the best steam iron on the market, the one you get could be a lemon or have a problem that needs fixed. Fortunately, solid companies who stand behind their products typically offer the best warranties.

By following these simple tips, you’ll make finding a great steam iron that much easier and boost your odds of finding the perfect model to meet your needs.

Steam Iron FAQ


How does a steam iron work?

A steam iron is made to remove creases and wrinkles from nearly any fabric through the application of weight, heat, and steam. Most quality steam irons are equipped with settings for wool, polyester, silk, linen, cotton, and delicate fabrics. Generally, delicate fabrics require lower temperature settings, while tougher materials require higher temperature settings.

How much should I spend on a steam iron?

You can spend upwards of $200 for the best steam iron, or spend less for an inferior base model. The more expensive irons typically generate more heat, have better soleplates, and do a better job of removing wrinkles. However, by reading unbiased steam iron reviews, you’ll be able to find plenty of quality low and mid-priced steam irons to choose from.

What’s the difference between a steam iron and steam generator iron?

Steam irons are often one solid unit and limited in the amount of steam they can produce. Steam generator irons, on the other hand, consist of an iron unit connected to a steam generator or water tank via a tube. These types of irons produce far more steam than conventional steam irons and are capable of dramatically reducing your ironing time.

How much steam do I need?

There’s really no such thing as too much steam. That being said, you don’t need to fill up your laundry room with plumes of steam simply to iron a few garments at a time. Just remember, however, it’s better to have too much steam than not enough, so make sure to choose a steam iron with a higher wattage, good soleplate, and adequate temperature controls.

Where to Buy the Best Steam Iron

best iron to buy

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Steam irons are used by virtually everyone and available at a variety of retail stores, including: Wal-Mart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s, and more. However, these stores only have so much shelf space, so they may not carry the best iron to buy. Plus, they often markup their prices to pay for the employees, lights, and the big building they’re in.

Online retailers like Amazon, on the other hand, carry best-selling irons and virtually every steam iron ever made. This ensures you get exact model you want, right down to the color. It should go without saying that online retailers usually have better prices as well. You can often find discounted prices on Amazon, and in some cases, you can order directly from the manufacturer’s website and get an even better deal!

When you consider the fact that free shipping, easy returns, and other perks are often associated with online purchases, finding the best steam irons to buy online is really a no-brainer. Whether you’re looking for the best cheap steam iron or the best rated steam iron money can buy, you’re sure to find it and get a great deal online.

Making the Decision

 best steam iron for you

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If you’ve rolled up your sleeves and managed to make it this far on your quest to find the best steam iron for you, then you can feel proud of the fact you now know more about steam irons than the average Joe. Now, all that’s left to do is re-read the steam iron reviews and decide which option is best for you.

The average person spends three hours per week ironing. Since time is precious and in limited supply, there’s no time like the present to invest in a quality steam iron.

So, consider your needs, perform your research, weigh your options, and purchase a top steam iron today. Not only will you slice your ironing time in half, but your clothes will look better too!

Less wrinkles and more time…what’s not to like about that?