10 Best Pillow for Neck Pain Reviews & Tested in 2018

Neck pain from sleeping can cause you to feel tired and uncomfortable all day long. It can keep you from getting your work done, but it can also keep you from relaxing and enjoying yourself. In fact, neck pain is a main cause of headaches, migraines, back pain and sciatica.

Why do people get neck pain? One of the main reasons is sleeping on the wrong pillow. Yet the best pillow for neck pain is different for everyone.

That’s why we’ve come up with this comprehensive guide to finding the absolute best pillows for neck pain. With our expertise, you’ll be able to find a great new pillow, and you can say goodbye to neck pain once and for all!

Top Rated Pillows for Neck Pain

  • Oxa Spring Bed Pillow
  • Firm and fluffy
  • Great for front, back and side sleepers
  • Price: See Here!
  • Deluxe Essence of Bamboo
  • Contour Memory Foam Pillow
  • Great cervical pillow, provides top notch support
  • Price: See Here!
  • Cervical Pillow by Beverly Hills Polo Club
  • Cervical Contour Pillow
  • Great for side and back sleepers
  • Price: See Here!

Types of Pillows for Neck Pain

There are several types of pillows that purport to help with specifically with neck pain, and many of them work amazingly well.

1. Orthopedic Pillows

Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow CombinationBack and side sleepers with neck pain will benefit the most from orthopedic pillows. These tend to be made of standard foam or memory foam, and they are meant to conform to and align the neck and spine.

2. Therapeutic Pillows

Soft Memory Foam Bamboo Sleeping PillowTherapeutic pillows are great a removing muscle pain in the neck. If you suffer from a stiff neck every morning, you may need one of these specifically designed therapeutic pillows.

Using these pillows will give you a soft, soothing and supportive place to lay your head each night. They never go flat, and they are specially designed to align your ears with your neck and spine.

3. Cervical Neck Pillows

WeNerya Memory Foam Contour Pillow with Washable Polyester CoverWhat is a cervical pillow? I get this question a lot.

Cervical neck pillows are pillows that are specifically designed for spines that have more than the average curvature. They help to keep the spine aligned for those who have serious neck pain and discomfort on a regular basis.

4. Sleeping Wedges

Home Zuma Therapeutic Foam Bed Wedge PillowThose who have poor circulation, trouble breathing, sleep apnea, acid reflux, snoring and neck pain will benefit from sleeping wedges. These pillows are usually made of foam and offer a firm, sturdy rest for your head and neck.

5. Inflatable Neck Pillows

Lewis N. Clark On Air Adjustable and Inflatable Neck PillowInflatable pillows are basically as they’re described. These blow up, making them great for travel. These pillows can also be useful at the office or even in the car. The problem is that inflatable neck pillows are almost always firm and thick. They’re never plush.

Categories of Pillows

In addition to the pillow types for neck pain that are listed above, consider the different large categories that pillows often fall into.

  • Sleep Method

The first way that shops and companies will divide different types of pillows is by sleeping method. For example, you may buy a pillow for side sleepers. This will likely be a memory foam contour pillow. If you buy a pillow for stomach sleepers on the other hand, this would likely be a pillow made of down or down alternative.

  • Low and High Loft

Next, there are high and low loft pillows. High loft pillows tend to be thicker than low loft pillows. For example, many high lift pillows are made of thick, dense memory foam. On the other hand, low loft pillows are often made of goose down or down alternative.

What is The Best Pillow for Neck Pain?

You came to this page with one question in mind. What is the best pillow for neck pain? And if you want to know what pillow is best and you’d like to skip the rest, I don’t blame you. Let’s cut to the chase!

The following is our number one choice for the best pillow for neck pain.

1. The Oxa Spring Bed Pillow

Oxa Breathable Material InfographicThis pillow is firm yet soft and great for all types of sleepers. It has a 100 percent cotton cover with a polyester microfiber fill. The 3D spacer mesh fabric offers individual pocket springs inside so that you get the perfect head and neck balance every time you lay down.

Even though The Oxa Spring Bed Pillow is definitely our number one choice and an excellent product for neck pain overall, there’s more to consider when it comes to this specific issue, and it’s important to remember that everyone’s different. With this is mind, we can’t just tell you to buy this pillow and leave it at that!

For this reason, we’ve taken the time to choose a variety of the best pillows for neck pain so that everyone has something that they will be happy with. The following is our comprehensive top 10 list.

Top 10 Best Pillow for Neck Pain Reviews

1. Best Pillow for Side Sleepers With Neck Pain: Oxa Spring Bed PillowBest Pillow for Neck Pain by OXA


  • Best pillow for neck pain
  • Best reviewed pillow
  • Fluffiness and firmness at the same time
  • Great for front, back and side sleepers

  • Some reviewers thought that this pillow should be firmer and springier.

The Oxa Spring Bed Pillow is a super soft yet firm pillow for all types of sleepers. It is 26 x 16.5 inches, and it’s made of 3D spacer mesh fabric and polyester microfiber fill inside of a 100 percent cotton cover. There are over 40 individual pocket springs inside the pillow as well, and these help to create the perfect balance for your head and neck.

The pillow is highly resilient, so it will stay fluffed all night for years. In fact, the pillow comes with a 20 year warranty from the company. According to the manufacturer, it is guaranteed for more than 50,000 pounding cycles. And even then, it will still retain 91 percent of the original fluff and volume.

  • Perfect for back sleepers
  • Perfect for front sleepers
  • Perfect for side sleepers
  • Small, silky fibers make both sides of the pillow cool
  • 40 individual pocket springs
  • Super breathable cover material
  • Adaptive inner core
  • 3D mesh fabric has spacers and special percale weave to keep fibers from getting out
Overall Value for the Money

Overall the Oxa Spring Bed Pillow is well worth the money! It even comes with a 20 year warranty, which is rare for pillows. Additionally, if you don’t like the pillow once you receive it and try it out, you’ll have 90 days to return it for a full refund without hassles.

2. Deluxe Essence of Bamboo Cervical Contour Bamboo PillowDeluxe Essence of Bamboo Cervical Contour Bamboo Pillow


  • The best cervical pillow
  • Best pillow for neck and shoulder pain
  • Best reviewed pillow for headaches
  • Excellent Price

  • A few of the cervical pillow reviews said that this pillow was too firm for their taste. This is a common complaint for memory foam pillows, but those who appreciate firmness will love this product!

The Deluxe Essence of Bamboo Cervical Contour Bamboo Pillow is another one of the best pillows for neck pain. I love that it requires no fluffing while you sleep, and it has a nice contour designed on top so that your neck has ample support. There’s no pain in the morning with this pillow!

Additionally, the premium memory foam that this pillow has in its core contains ventilated pores, which promotes super sound sleep. The pillow is hypoallergenic, so allergy sufferers don’t need to worry, and it’s completely resistant to mold, dust mites and bacteria.

You’ll love the cover as well, which is super soft and can be zipped off when needed and thrown in the washing machine.

  • Excellent for side and back sleepers
  • 20 x 14 x 5 inches in size
  • Premium memory foam filling
  • Filling uses advanced ventilation pore technology
  • Never requires fluffing
  • Cover can be easily zipped off and put into the washing machine
  • Cover eliminates odor and residue
Overall Value for the Money

Overall, this pillow is sold at an extremely reasonable price. The contour pillow reviews for this product are amazing all around, and you’re getting a great deal for the quality of the materials and the quality of manufacturing.

3. Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow, Queen SizeSleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow


  • Third best pillow for neck discomfort

  • Some of the contour pillow review write-ups mentioned that the memory foam was a bit too firm for their taste, and some said it was too thick. With that being said, it’s important to mention that memory foam pillows are usually on the firm side, and that’s what people like about them.

The Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow is an excellent memory foam pillow for side and back sleepers. The streamlined and contoured pillow fits perfectly to your neck, and it keeps its shape for years.

I’ve had several people tell me that their neck pain improved immensely when they started using these pillows from Sleep Innovations. It’s a great product with a firm filling for those who like firm pillows.

Even though some of the contour pillow reviews mentioned that this pillow can be a bit too thick at times, there are many more contour pillow review write-ups that praise the thickness and firmness of this pillow.

  • Best suited for those who sleep on their sides or backs
  • Available in queen size at 5 x 24 x 15 inches or standard size at 5 x 20 x 15 inches
  • Offers top quality therapeutic support so that you wake up feeling great
  • Contoured design for an easy sleep on your neck
  • All materials made in the USA
  • 5 year limited warranty included
Overall Value for the Money

According to most of the contour pillow reviews for the Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow, this is a product that is well worth the money.

4. Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam PillowSnuggle-Pedic Bamboo Shredded Best Memory Foam Pillow


  • Best shredded memory foam pillow on the market

  • Several neck pillow reviews mentioned that this pillow isn’t great for side sleepers because of the lack of firm thickness. With that being said, some side sleepers may prefer it to extremely thick memory foam contour pillows that prop the neck up too high.

The Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow is great for a variety of sleepers, and remember that you can choose different sizes for different beds or sleeping preferences. The bigger sizes are also slightly thicker.

I personally recommend this pillow for stomach sleepers because it’s not too thick, so you won’t prop your neck up too high while you sleep. This position naturally causes kinks in the neck.

The inside of the pillow is shredded memory foam, which offers adequate firmness combined with the softness of a down pillow.

  • This pillow is recommended for all types of sleepers, including side, back and stomach sleepers
  • Made with shredded combination memory foam
  • Machine washable
  • Always stays fluffy
  • Made in the USA
  • Foam is made without ozone depleters, lead, heavy metals, phthalates, formaldehyde or PBDE flame retardants
  • Resistant to dust mites
  • Arrives rolled and vacuum sealed for economical and eco-friendly shipping
  • No hassle, 90 day refund if you’re not happy with the product
  • 20 year warranty is included
Overall Value for the Money

This is one of the best pillows for neck issues as well, and even though the price is slightly higher, it’s an excellent value for your money.

5. WeNerya Memory Foam Traditional PillowWeNerya Memory Foam Pillow with Washable Bamboo Fibre Cover


  • Excellent pillow for stomach sleepers as it’s not too thick and tapers on the sides

  • A few of the memory foam contour pillow reviews said that this pillow is not great for back sleepers as you normally want a contoured pillow to support the neck if you tend to sleep on your back.

The is a 25 x 14.6 x 4.7 inch pillow made of polyester and bamboo memory foam filler. The filler is eco-friendly and does not include any harsh chemicals or heavy metals. It’s also hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.

I love the WeNerya Memory Foam Traditional Pillow because it’s the perfect pillow for stomach sleepers. If you sleep on your stomach, you have to be careful not to get a pillow that is too thick on the edge. This pillow tapers on each side so that you have a seamless transition from pillow to mattress.

When your package arrives, don’t forget to let the pillow sit out unfolded for 2 hours so that all the wrinkles are eliminated.

  • Perfect for side and stomach sleepers
  • Made of high quality memory foam
  • Memory foam does not include PBDEs, heavy metals or formaldehyde
  • Pillow is dust might resistant and hypoallergenic
  • Includes high quality zipper so that you can remove the cover
  • Cover is 100 percent washable in the washing machine or by hand
  • Soft cover seals off and can be put in the washing machine
  • Eco-friendly, economical shipping in that the pillow is folded and vacuum sealed
Overall Value for the Money

The price of this pillow is mid-range, but if you tend to be a stomach sleeper every night and you want this best, this may be just the pillow for you.

6. Safe & Soft Memory Foam Pillow with Cooling GelPhotograph of Memory Foam Pillow Cooling Gel


  • Best cooling pillow because of the cooling gel pads on the surface

  • When you scroll through pillows for neck pain reviews, you may find that there are some negative reviews for this pillow because of the cooling gel pads. Not everyone appreciates this feature, so make sure that you like a cooling sensation while you sleep before you purchase this product.

The Safe & Soft Memory Foam Pillow with Cooling Gel is the best neck support pillow for those who sleep on their sides or backs and want a cool sleeping experience. The cover is also washable made of bamboo that is infused with aloe vera.

If you’re someone who is constantly hot and sweaty at night, if you live in a warm climate or if you love feeling the cool side of your pillow, you’ll want this product.

The gel pads on the pillow offer a constant cool feeling that is calming and refreshing while you sleep. You’ll never have to turn this pillow over to get to the cool side.

  • Excellent for side and back sleepers
  • Cover is made of 100 percent bamboo fiber, which is anti-static and super soft and comfortable
  • Cover zips off for easy washing
  • Cervical pillow helps evenly distribute weight
  • Comes with 30 day warranty so that you can return the pillow if you’re not completely satisfied
Overall Value for the Money

The overall price of this pillow is slightly higher than some of the other models, and that’s because it has the cooling gel pads. If this cooling feature is something that you would like to have, then the price shouldn’t be a factor, and this is a great choice of pillow.

7. EasyLife185 Sleep Memory Foam Contour PillowPhoto of Sleep Memory Foam Contour Pillow


  • Best neck pillow for back sleepers because of the butterfly design

  • Some therapeutic pillow reviews for this product say that it’s not a great model for side or stomach sleepers. You’ll notice this right away because of the special butterfly design.

The EasyLife185 Sleep Memory Foam Contour Pillow is an excellent pillow for back sleepers and the choice of some side and stomach sleepers. The pillow is made of quality healthcare materials, including dust mite resistant, anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic slow rebound memory foam.

The cover on the pillow is removable and washable. Change the height of the pillow to adjust to your particular sleeping position.

Even though you will see some therapeutic pillow review write-ups that will say you shouldn’t use this pillow if you’re a side or stomach sleeper, keep in mind that you can switch the pillow to the other side for different sleeping positions. With that being said, this is the best pillow for back sleepers primarily.Lady sleeping on a Memory Foam Contour Pillow

  • The perfect pillow for those who sleep primarily on their backs
  • 3 height adjustable pillow
  • Unique butterfly design keeps head aligned with spine
  • Promotes better blood circulation
  • Made of durable, breathable, washable fabric
  • 30 day return or replacement policy if you’re not completely satisfied with the pillow
Overall Value for the Money

The EasyLife185 Sleep Memory Foam Contour Pillow is an amazing value. The price is mid-range, but all in all, you’ll get an awesome value for this product. If you tend to be a back sleeper and often experience neck pain, this is the pillow for you!

8. PharMeDoc Cooling Gel Contour Memory Foam PillowPharMeDoc Contour Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow


  • One of the best cooling pillows
  • Excellent contour pillow for side and back sleepers

  • A few of the reviews for this product mentioned that the cooling gel was uncomfortable to lay on while sleeping. But remember that it is possible to add more padding and pillow cases to the pillow to make it more comfortable.

The PharMeDoc Cooling Gel Contour Memory Foam Pillow is excellent if you want a cooling pillow. It’s perfect for back sleepers or those who tend to sleep on their sides. In fact, the best neck support pillow review for back and side sleepers has gone to this pillow many times.

The contoured design is what attracts specific sleepers, but also remember that this pillow has a special cooling gel on it that is specifically engineered to disperse overall body head and eliminate hot flashes in the night.Lady Sleeping on a PharMeDoc Memory Foam Pillow

  • This pillow is suited best for side and back sleepers
  • Cooling gel helps to eliminate flashes of heat in the night and to disperse overall body heat to keep your temperature regulated
  • Top quality foam
  • Pillow is resistant to dust mites
  • Pillow is hypoallergenic
  • Contoured design helps keep back and neck pain at bay
Overall Value for the Money

As far as cooling pillows go, this is the best pillow for back pain. Many of those who suffer with neck pain also suffer from back pain, so this is a great model to help with both. The price is quite reasonable as well, so there’s no need to worry about breaking the bank on a high quality cooling pillow.

9. Cervical Contour Pillow by Beverly Hills Polo ClubPhoto of Beverly Hills Polo Club Memory Foam Pillow


  • Great pillow for side and back sleepers who are tall with broader shoulders than average

  • Several of the neck pillow reviews mention that this pillow can be slightly uncomfortable because of its thickness.

The Cervical Contour Pillow by Beverly Hills Polo Club is a contoured pillow that works great for side and back sleepers. The pillow is made of high quality memory foam and has advanced cooling technology built in so that you always have the cold side of the pillow next to you.

Even though some of the cervical pillows reviews say that the thickness is a problem, keep in mind that if you tend to have broader shoulders, this may be just the pillow for you. That’s because it is thicker than average models, and when you have broad shoulders, you are naturally raised higher off the bed while laying down, and you need a thicker pillow.Lady Sleeping on a Beverly Hills Polo Club Memory Foam Pillow

  • The Cervical Contour Pillow by Beverly Hills Polo Club is best suited for back and side sleepers
  • Microfiber BHPC cover
  • Luxury soft color is easy to remove and put in the washing machine for cleaning
  • Cooling technology to keep body heat regulated
  • Premium memory foam
  • Money back guarantee included with this pillow
Overall Value for the Money

The thing that most cervical neck pillow reviews like about the Cervical Contour Pillow by Beverly Hills Polo Club is that it is sold at a reasonable price. You’re not paying mega bucks for this pillow, but it’s made with premium memory foam and is perfect for side and back sleepers.

10. Low Profile Memory Foam Neck PillowPerform Pillow Low Profile Memory Foam Neck Pillow


  • Special density foam on this pillow offers great comfort
  • Eco-friendly model without lead, heavy metals, formaldehyde or mercury

  • Some users of this pillow may not be happy with the speckled top. If you don’t use a thick pillow case, the texture can be uncomfortable while sleeping.
  • The price of this pillow is slightly higher than average.

The Low Profile Memory Foam Neck Pillow is perfect for those who tend to sleep on their sides or backs and don’t want a pillow that is too thick. The pillow is made of 43 percent bamboo and 56 percent polyester, which combine to make a specially designed dense foam for the ultimate comfort.

The bamboo cover can easily be zipped off and put into the washing machine when you need to clean it. The pillow and pillow case are both hypoallergenic.

  • This pillow is best suited for those who sleep on their backs and sides
  • Low profile is great for those who prefer a thinner pillow for back or side sleeper
  • Resistant to dust mites and hypoallergenic
  • Super soft, Ultra-Luxurious-Kool-Flow micro-vented bamboo cover
  • Made in the USA
Overall Value for the Money

I recommend this pillow for those who like a thinner pillow but prefer to sleep on their sides and backs. With that in mind, it’s also a great pillow option for those who have allergies because it’s 100 percent hypoallergenic and resistant to any sort of allergen or dust mite.

The price of this pillow is higher than average. It’s a great quality, but you might prefer a different model if you’re not prepared to pay a higher price.

Causes of Neck Pain

 prevent neck painMost people know that neck pain can be caused by sleeping problems. But it’s important to remember that other issues and behaviors can be the cause of neck pain as well.

To be sure, knowing the best neck pillow to use for neck pain should be a main concern. But you might want to look into changing some other habits in your life in order to prevent neck pain as well.

Here are the top causes of neck pain. Watch out for them in your life.

1. Stress and Anxiety

Overall, emotional and mental stress and anxiety can severely change your physical health, and it can certainly cause neck pain. In fact, many diseases and even some serious illnesses may be linked to added stress and anxiety in your life. Specifically, stress tends to accumulate in the neck and shoulders because that’s where you tense up when you get worried and anxious.

Try to keep your work and home life stress to a minimum to avoid it manifesting physically. If you notice stress accumulating in your shoulders and neck, nip it in the bud by getting a professional massage, getting an at-home massager or changing something else in your life.

2. Lack of Exercise and Stretching

regular workouts If you don’t get enough exercise in your daily routine, the result could be soreness. Your body needs regular workouts even if it’s just a walk around the block or a quick 10 minute stretching session.

Other suggestions for adding more physical activity into your life are even easier. For example, the next time that you go to the store, park far away from the door so that you have to walk more. Take the stairs when you can instead of taking an elevator. If you’re not going somewhere far from your home, ride your bike or walk. Finally, get rid of your television. Sitting and staring at a screen all day is a recipe for an unhealthy lifestyle and added neck pain.

3. Strains and Sprains

If you’re an athlete or have a physical job, you may have strained or sprained the muscles in your neck or even your spine. In this case, you’ll need to see a doctor or a physical therapist.

4. Migraine Headaches

Migraine HeadachesMigraine headaches typically affect just one side of the head, so it makes sense that if your neck pain is being cause by a migraine, the pain will be on one side as well. Often, the pain can trickle down the side of your temple to your neck and be a direct cause.

5. Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a bone disease that often affects older adults. In particular, this bone disease is common among older women. It may cause overall pain in the bones and especially in the joints.

6. Meningitis

Meningitis is an extremely serious disease that is caused by a bacterial or viral infection. It affects people in a variety of ways, and neck pain or discomfort may be one of the symptoms.

7. Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is most often presented as severe pain everywhere in the body. It hurts just to move or sit when you have fibromyalgia. Most of the pain is musculoskeletal, which means that pain in the neck could easily be a part of this and a marked symptom. If the pain is chronic, see a doctor to check other symptoms.

8. Bruxism

Bruxism is the act of grinding your teeth and causing intense pressure to your jaw. Most of the time, this causes direct pain in the jaw, temple and head, but the discomfort can relocate and cause indirect pain in your neck in some cases as well.

9. Having the Wrong Pillow

 best reviewed pillowEven the best reviewed pillow won’t be perfect for everyone, but having the wrong pillow will be obvious in just one night. If you feel uncomfortable while you sleep or continually pound at your pillow to change the size and fluffiness, you may just need a new one.

10. Sleeping at an Odd Angle

Sometimes, even if you have the best pillow for your sleeping style and personal preferences, you may end up sleeping at an odd angle on a single night, and this can cause neck pain for days and even weeks after. Make sure to align your neck and spine each time that you lay down to sleep.

Additional Remedies for Neck Pain

Physical TherapistNeck pain is the pits. No one wants to go through their days feeling like they can’t hardly turn their head without experiencing a spasm.

Fortunately, there are ways to fix this problem.

If you’re looking for additional strategies for bypassing neck pain, I suggest these things.

a) Consult a Physical Therapist

As much as other methods may help people to remedy neck pain, consulting a real doctor is the most important practice to consider.

I recommend going straight to a physical therapist in your area because after all, these professionals are trained to find the source of muscle and joint discomfort. They may be able to give you suggestions for your specific situation.

b) Consider A Down or Feather Pillow

Memory foam and gel pillows aren’t for everyone. Some people need more plushness and more cushion, and that means finding a great feather or down pillow.

What is a good pillow that’s made of down and feathers? I recommend checking out reviews online. It’s best to read about how pillows feel and how they last over time from people who have really used them.

On the other hand, if you’re sick of reading reviews and you just want to find a high quality model right now, I recommend Royal Hotel’s Down Pillow, which can be found at Amazon.

Royal Hotel’s Down Pillow has a casing of 100 percent cotton and a 500 thread count. Inside is 28 ounces of soft standard features. This is the perfect pillow for back and side sleepers, and it lasts a lifetime.

c) Tiger Balm Neck and Shoulder RubTiger Balm for Neck and Shoulders

Are you looking for something topical to rub on a sore neck? Tiger Balm is here to the rescue. The makers of Tiger Balm, a very well-known balm used for virtually everything, have created a special version of their product for neck and shoulder pains.

The original tiger balm has a strong fragrance and comes in a pot. Tiger Balm Neck and Shoulder Rub comes in an easy to use tube and doesn’t have the fragrance. By rubbing this balm onto sore muscles on the neck and shoulders, you’ll feel instant relief.

d) Try One of The Best Back Massagers

Best Back MassagersNaturally, fixing neck pain makes you think that a professional massage may be in order. Even though this may be a perfect remedy, remember that neck pain generally comes back time and again even after you get a massage, and professional massages can get expensive.

This is where a great back massager for at-home use comes into play. These massagers are often in pillow form, and they either rest around your shoulder tops or come in a small pillow or cushion, which can be strapped around the back of your chair and directed where the pain is on your neck, shoulders or back.

The Nekteck Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow is an excellent pillow for offering calming massages at home. It can be found at Amazon, just click the photo above to take a look.

This massage pillow offers deep kneading penetration that is similar to a real Japanese Shiatsu massage. The unit goes around your shoulder tops, and you can fit your hands into the sleeves to direct the pressure.

Finally, if this doesn’t look like a pillow that will suit you but you’re interested in other versions, don’t forget that we have a page that is specifically about massage pillows. Check it out to get more suggestions for the best massage pillow for you!

Common Questions

The following is a list of questions that I often receive. I hope the answers help you on your search for the best pillow for neck pain.

What is a cervical pillow?

You’ve likely been confused when you heard the term cervical pillow! In general, this is a device that is used when you have cervical hypolordosis. This means that you have a less than average spine curvature.

If this is something that you experience, strains may be common for you, and a cervical pillow will help to alleviate spasms and improve stress on the spine.

Are pillows washable?

 best pillowThe answer to this question will vary. Some pillows can be entirely thrown into the washing machine without a worry while others can only be spot cleaned. There are also pillows that have removable covers. These can be thrown into the washing machine and replaced. You can learn more about it in our guide on cleaning memory foam pillows.

What is the best pillow for a side sleeper?

If you almost always sleep on your side, I recommend starting your search for the best pillow by reading the best pillows for side sleepers reviews.

Sleeping on your side means that your preferred pillow height will have a lot to do with your overall frame. Broad-shouldered people will need a thicker pillow. The best neck pillow reviews will help you find models that meet your measurements.

What kind of pillow is best for me?

The best pillow for neck discomfort and pain will be different for everyone. You need to first decide what kind of comfort you want from your pillow and how you sleep. Are you a side sleeper who likes a firm pillow? Read reviews and find one that fits these requirements.

Summary and Making Your Decision

best pillow for neck pain So after reading and scrolling through the immense amount of information above, here’s one question for you: What is the best pillow for neck problems?

Well, the answer is not a simple one, is it? That’s because as you’ve noticed, the best pillow for neck pain is a personal choice. Fortunately, there are a few things that we can say about making this choice. These tips go for mostly everyone.

First, the best reviewed pillow options can be pricey, but remember that you’ll be getting a well-made product that should last for years and even decades.

Next, the best pillows for neck pain tend to be made of high quality materials. For example, you’ll see high quality memory foam, cooling gels in the top cooling pillows, buckwheat and other materials as well. Look for these while shopping. Avoid synthetic materials that will wear down or disintegrate over time.

And finally, you’ll find the best pillows for neck comfort when you first consider how you tend to sleep above all else. Are you a side, stomach or back sleeper? This is key information!

With these tips in mind, I hope that you’ll be able to find a great pillow for yourself. Sleep is an activity that we spend almost a third of our lives doing, so it makes sense that you should want to have the utmost comfort in bed.

If you’ve been experience neck pain, a new comfort pillow is the answer you’ve been looking for. Don’t wait to buy one. Pick one out, and buy it today! You could be pain-free by morning. Good luck!