10 Best Ironing Board Reviews & Compared in 2018

Ironing boards are a dime a dozen to most people and often take a backseat to irons. However, these seemingly simple tools are equally important and play a crucial role in the ironing process.

Therefore, choosing the right ironing board isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. Unfortunately, it’s easy to find yourself lost in research online and spending way too much time picking one out.

Lucky for you, I’ve already put in the hours and taken care of all of the research for you. From online cleaning and domestic diva forums to expert opinions and real buyer reviews, I’ve scoured the Web from top to bottom in search of the best ironing boards being made today.

So, if you’re here to find the best ironing board for you and your home, the in-depth ironing board reviews below will definitely be a HUGE help.

Top Ironing Boards

Rowenta IB9100 Pro Compact Professional Space Saving Folding Ironing Board 4-Leg with Hanger Racks and Cotton Cover, 18-Inch by 54-Inch, Beige
  • Rowenta IB9100 Pro
  • Best Folding Ironing Board
  • 54-inch x 18-inch
  • Price: See Here!
Brabantia Ironing Board with Solid Steam Iron Rest, Size C, Wide - Moving Circles Cover
  • Household Essentials StowAway In-Wall
  • Best Wall Mounted Ironing Board
  • 41 x 11.75 inches
  • Price: See Here!
Household Essentials 971840-1 Wide Top 4-Leg Mega Ironing Board with Adjustable Height and Bonus Sleeve Board | Natural Cotton Cover
  • Honey-Can-Do BRD-01435
  • Best Tabletop Ironing Board
  • 31 inches x 12 inches
  • Price: See Here!

Types of Ironing Boards

good ironing board

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As is the case with irons, there are only a few different categories of ironing boards. This makes shopping for one a little easier. Let’s take a look at these three primary types of ironing boards right now, so you know what to look for when reading the reviews below.

Folding or freestanding ironing boards are by far the most popular. These sturdy, lightweight boards can be easily moved around the home and are usually longer and wider than other ironing boards. Thus, they provide more surface area to iron on. They generally all feature an adjustable height function as well.

If you’re on the hunt for a good ironing board and don’t mind putting it away in the corner of the closet or laundry room when not in use, a folding ironing board is definitely the way to go.

Also known as in-wall or built-in ironing boards, wall mounted ironing boards are often more practical for condos, apartments, hotel rooms, RVs, and small homes with limited space. This is because they can be easily installed in tight spaces, like bathrooms and closets, and can also be folded and stored up against the wall.

Types of boards

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Quality wall mountain ironing boards are strong and sturdy, and some can even swivel at different angles for ultimate comfort and convenience.

The third and final type of ironing board is the tabletop, which is also ideal for small apartments, dorms, RVs, and other tight spaces. Tabletop ironing boards have shorter legs, allowing them to be used on a counter or table. In addition to making the board short and compact, shorter legs also result in sturdier, more solid base.

Although tabletop ironing boards have less surface area for ironing, most are suitable enough for the majority of ironing tasks. On the plus side, in addition to saving space, tabletop irons are extremely lightweight and easy to use. They can also be easily stored under the bed or just about anywhere.

Best Folding Ironing Boards

1. Rowenta IB9100 Pro

Rowenta IB9100 Pro Compact Professional Space Saving Folding Ironing Board 4-Leg with Hanger Racks and Cotton Cover, 18-Inch by 54-Inch, Beige

Designed for home use but with professionals in mind, the Rowenta IB9100 Pro is arguably the best ironing board being sold today.

Despite having an extra-large 54-inch x 18-inch ironing surface, it magically transforms into one of the most compact ironing boards around when folded up. I don’t know how the innovative guys and gals at Rowenta managed to pull off this feat, but they’ve definitely earned my respect and solidified my love of the brand.

Back to the board, the IB9100 Pro is sturdily constructed and provides excellent stability. This means you can make full use of the iron’s extra surface area and press yards of fabric without worrying about a tip or spill.

The Rowenta IB9100 Pro also comes with a thick scorch-resistant cotton cover and fully treated mesh platform, allowing you to iron daily and not question its durability. If that weren’t enough, this top-of-the-line Rowenta iron board is equipped with a large built-in steam station, iron rest, and caster wheels as well, transforming it into a fully mobile professional workstation. How cool is that?

It may be a little pricey for the average person, but this rowenta professional ironing board will likely be the last one you every buy! It’s that good. Did I mention it actually looks great too?

2. Brabantia Ironing Board

Brabantia Ironing Board with Solid Steam Iron Rest, Size C, Wide - Moving Circles Cover

At first sight, the Brabantia Ironing Board doesn’t look like anything special. Looks, however, can be deceiving.

While it’s not as visually impressive as the Rowenta ironing board, the popular Brabantia is sturdily built and features an extra-wide yet ergonomic design. The stable worktop securely sits on a time-tested four leg frame with nonslip end caps.

Designed for comfort and convenience, the Brabantia is also fully adjustable and equipped with four different height adjustments. Meanwhile, its resilient 100 percent cotton and foam cover ensures you’ll always receive nothing but the best wrinkle-free results.

Signaling Brabantia’s attention to detail and commitment to excellence, this top-quality ironing board even comes with a transport and child safety lock, which prevents it from accidentally opening or collapsing. To top it all off, the iron is also confidently backed by an impressive 10-year warranty.

All things considered, the Brabantia ironing board is one of the best around and certainly deserves a spot in anyone’s home. Despite its average appearance, it’s a fully capable ironing board with hundreds of positive ironing board reviews from ordinary consumers just like you.

Needless to say, if you’re shopping for the best iron board, you could do a lot worse than this Brabantia.

3. Household Essentials Fibertech Ironing Board

Household Essentials 971840-1 Wide Top 4-Leg Mega Ironing Board with Adjustable Height and Bonus Sleeve Board | Natural Cotton Cover

You don’t have to pay $200 or more for a first-class ironing board. In fact, the Household Essentials Fibertech Ironing Board comes in at under $100 and is one of the absolute best ironing boards you’re going to find anywhere.

Users absolutely love the quality craftsmanship of this board, and many other Household Essentials products for that matter. An ode to function and style, the Fibertech ironing board measures 49 inches x 18 inches and features a durable metal frame, extra-wide surface pressing station, 6mm pad and 100 percent cotton cover, perfectly sized iron rest complete with heat-resistant pads, sturdy hanger bar, and a built-in sleeve board that can pulled out and put away whenever needed.

By offering a sturdy, good looking ironing board with so much innovation and attention to detail at such an affordable price, it’s clear that Household Essentials is a quality brand through and through. With hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon alone, the Household Essentials Fibertech Ironing Board is one of the most popular boards out there. It’s a high-quality ironing board at a great price, providing a value that’s simply hard to resist.

4. Reliable C30 Ironing Board

Reliable 100IB Oversized Ironing Board 19in. x 60in.(47 in. Pressing Surface), 7 Height Adjustments, Tube Frame Construction, Strong Support For Iron Rest, Latch Hook Locking System - Made in Italy

Made by the Reliable brand, it’s easy to why the C30 Ironing Board is one of the sturdiest and most durable ironing boards being made today. Made in Italy by the hands of highly skilled craftsmen, the Reliable C30 is a pure joy to use.

One use and you’ll appreciate the fact that it was made with passion and pride by people who truly care about the quality of their products.

Featuring a traditional heavy-duty tube frame construction and white powder coated finish that brightens up any room, the C30 has an adjustable height up to 38 inches and remarkable stability. Its galvanized metal mesh screen will last decades and is covered by a cotton/polyester cover with not 100 but 500 grams of felt.

Similar to many quality folding ironing boards, the ironing surface of the C30 measures 19 inches x 47 inches. However, at only 16.25 pounds, it weighs considerably less, making it much more user-friendly.

Speaking of user-friendly, the ironing tray is riveted underneath the board and large enough to accommodate a standard or steam generator system complete with water tank and all. When not in use, it folds up easily and even has a nifty magnet locking system for safe and easy storage.

As an added bonus, the Reliable C30 comes with a limited 10-year warranty as well, solidifying its place as a serious contender in the “best ironing board” category.

5. Monster IB40-G Ironing Board

Monster IB40-G Ironing Board

What’s better than an ironing board? Well, a lot of things actually but how about an ironing board equipped with a professional built-in steam iron? Yep, that’s exactly what you get with the Monster IB40-G Ironing Board!

Believed by many to be the best iron board around, the Italian-made Monster IB40-G features a professional Euroflex steam iron and a stainless steel boiler for incredible steam quality and performance.

The iron features a Teflon coated soleplate to effortlessly glide over any garment, and since it’s a professional-quality iron, the steam holes are located along the tip, providing incredible steam concentration. Combined with the ironing board’s solid construction and heated aluminum surface, the finished product is second to none.

Sure, the Monster IB40-G isn’t as popular as some of the Rowenta ironing boards and you won’t find it mentioned in many ironing board reviews, but it’s pretty darn cool and works like a champ. Perhaps people are intimidated by the steam generator iron? If only they knew what they were missing out on!

Best Wall Mounted Ironing Board

1. Household Essentials StowAway In-Wall Ironing Board

Household Essentials 18100-1 StowAway In-Wall Ironing Board Cabinet with Built In Ironing Board | White | Cut into Wall to Install

If you’re limited on space and need a wall mounted ironing board, the Household Essentials StowAway In-Wall Ironing Board is likely just what you’re looking for.

First off, it looks great. The all white unit screams quality and has a timeless design suitable for any décor.

Secondly, it works like a dream. It easily installs between the studs of any wall you choose and allows your ironing board to stay out of sight yet easily accessible. The board itself is ingenious. In addition to effortlessly folding down and locking in place, it rotates 180 degrees, allowing you to iron anything with comfort and ease.

The Household Essentials StowAway has an adjustable height function as well, which is quite unique for a wall mounted ironing board. Simply lift and glide the board to your desired height. It’s as easy as that. A one-piece Nanomax pad and cover is also included.

Inside the unit above the board, you’ll find two all-white finished shelves and a handy garment hook as well, making it the perfect place to store your spray bottles, starch, and any other ironing supplies.

The StowAway may cost more than the other ironing boards on this list, but if you’re tight on space and searching for the best ironing board for your abode, this is the one. Just read some of the many StowAway ironing board reviews and you’ll quickly forget the price.

2. Hafele America Wall Mounted Ironing Board

Wall-Mounted Ironing Board

The Hafele America Wall Mounted Ironing Board lacks the elegance and aesthetic appeal of the StowAway above, but it more than makes up for it in sturdiness, durability, and rock-solid construction.

The ironing board is larger than other wall mounts and constructed of solid steel coated in white epoxy. It also swivels 90 degrees to the right and left, and it can be locked in place anywhere within the 90-degree radius, making it extremely versatile and capable of being used in the smallest of spaces.

With its sturdy steel construction, however, comes added weight. Therefore, you may need someone to help you with the install.

That being said, if you’re idea of the best small ironing board is a reliable ironing board that will last a lifetime, then the Hafele America Wall Mounted Ironing Board may be the best iron board for you.

3. Household Essentials Over-The-Door Ironing Board

Household Essentials 144222 Over The Door Small Ironing Board With Iron Holder | Natural Cotton Cover

So far, we’ve discussed a couple of awesome wall mount ironing boards. However, they both require installation. If you’re not that handy or would prefer an ironing board that you can move around like a standard folding board, this Household Essentials Over-the-Door Ironing Board may be more up your alley.

Granted, it’s nothing fancy and certainly won’t win any “best compact ironing board” awards any time soon, but this no frills over-the-door ironing board is lightweight and can be used just about anywhere.

While it can be used anywhere a door is present, it’s designed for small rooms and features a top-tier scratch-resistant ironing board finished in satin silver. The board is sturdier than other over-the-door-models and even has strategically designed feet for added stability. While lightweight, the frame and mesh ironing surface is made of steel and solidly built to withstand years of abuse.

Despite its utilitarian, no-frills nature, the Household Essentials Over-the-Door Ironing Board is mentioned in several of the best ironing board reviews. Why? The answer is simple: it works great. Plus, its low price is also a nice selling feature.

4. Southern Enterprises Wall Mount Ironing Center

Southern Enterprises Wall Mount Ironing Board w/Mirror - Folding Storage Design - White Finish

If you thought the StowAway above looked great, you’re going to fall head over heels for the Southern Enterprises Wall Mount Ironing Center!

In all honesty, it’s similar to the StowAway in a number of ways. For instance, it also screws into the wall and has a fresh all-white exterior. It also has a fold down ironing board inside the door, garment hooks, and handy shelves for storing ironing supplies.

In fact, aside from the fact that the Southern Enterprises Wall Mount Ironing Board doesn’t swivel like the StowAway, the only major difference between the two models is in their facades. Rather than having a plain white exterior, this wall mount livens up any room with a perfectly centered rectangular glass mirror and chic brass hardware. It also doesn’t require cutting out your drywall for the install, which is a nice plus.

So, if you prefer style over function and would like to add a little southern charm to your home, look no further than this wall mount. It’s not the best ironing board in the world, but as far as wall mounts are concerned, they don’t get any better than the Southern Enterprises Wall Mount Ironing Center.

5. Iron-a-Way Wall Mount Ironing Board Center

Iron-A-Way Handi-Press Surface/Wall Mount Ironing Board Center

Finally, for you function over form people out there who just want a solidly built, easy-to-use wall mount that will last for years, this Iron-a-Way Wall Mount Ironing Board Center is sure to please.

It comes fully installed and ready to be surface mounted to any wall in your home. Installation is easy and you’ll immediately notice its slim design.

Inside, you’ll find a very nice oversized 42-inch ventilated steel ironing board, which easily pulls down and locks into place when you’re ready for some ironing action. Just open the door, pull down the board, and start ironing away. It’s that simple.

With an oversized hot iron storage tray, telescoping single leg support, and extra storage shelf as well, the Iron-a-Way has everything you need in a quality wall mount and nothing you don’t.

On the downside, the board’s steel construction makes it a bit heavy. So, if you’re on the hunt for the best lightweight ironing board out there, it probably isn’t for you. On the other hand, since the board is a wall mount, you don’t have to pick it up or move it at all after it’s installed. Therefore, some people very well may consider the Iron-a-Way the best lightweight ironing board. Very interesting.

Best Tabletop Ironing Board

1.  Honey-Can-Do BRD-01435 Collapsible Tabletop Ironing Board

Honey-Can-Do Tabletop Ironing Board with Retractable Iron Rest

Perfect for small homes, apartments, dorms, and even RVs, the Honey-Can-Do BRD-01435 Collapsible Tabletop Ironing Board is an excellent option for anyone big on ironing but limited on space.

Unlike even the best wall mounted ironing board, which must be screwed into a wall or hung over a door, this incredibly mobile and space-saving tabletop ironing board is small in size and can be easily used just about anywhere near an electrical outlet.

The key to the compact and lightweight Honey-Can-Do is its collapsible tabletop design. It folds up nicely to be stored anywhere and easily unfolds and locks whenever you need to iron. Despite its small size, it also has a neat iron rest that conveniently pulls out when needed.

The board itself is 31 inches x 12 inches, making it suitable for shirts, shorts, pants, ties, pillowcases, and more. It’s thickly padded and equipped with a durable 100 percent cotton cover as well.

The quality of this tabletop ironing board is quite surprising given its price. When you factor in its quality construction and all of the features it provides, it’s easy to see why the Honey-Can-Do is the top rated ironing board for travelers on the market today.

2. Household Essentials Steel Tabletop Ironing Board

Household Essentials 131210 Small Steel Table Top Ironing Board with Iron Rest | Natural Cover

If you can’t tell by now, Household Essentials makes some of the best ironing boards in the business, and this Steel Tabletop Ironing Board is no exception.

Allowing you to enjoy impeccably pressed clothes without the hassle of dragging out the big ol’ board, this ironing board is ideal for people on the go. While it’s only 8.5 inches high, it easily folds and unfolds for the quickest of ironing jobs.

The tubular frame, which is incredibly sturdy and stable by the way, is made of 80 percent aluminum, making it super lightweight. This adds to its portability and may edge it past a wall mount ironing board or the Honey-Can-Do in terms of ease of use.

Speaking of ease of use, unlike most tabletop ironing boards, this Household Essentials model comes equipped with a slide-out wire hot iron shelf. This is extra helpful for those with extremely limited counter and tabletop space.

On a final note, I have to mention how simple yet modern and good looking this tabletop ironing board is. Rather than having a garish brightly colored poly cover, the board and 5mm foam pad is snugly covered in a fresh and clean white cotton cover. That’s right. You don’t even have to put it away when company arrives. Well, maybe you should, but you get the point.

Is it the best ironing board ever made? No. However, it’s certainly one of the best tabletop boards you’re going to run across.

3. Polder Deluxe Tabletop Ironing Board

Deluxe Tabletop Board

The Polder Deluxe Tabletop Ironing Board is similar to the Household Essentials tabletop above in a number of ways. That being said, while the differences between them are slight, they’re worth pointing out.

The first difference is in the tubular steel frame. The folks at Polder decided to invert it the opposite way, which actually works better and provides even more stability.

Next, rather than opting for a steel mesh ironing surface, Polder opted for a wood top. Although this can help achieve better results, it makes it less durable in many eyes.

The Polder is also two inches longer, but aside from these differences the two tabletop boards are pretty much the same. The Polder also has a thick foam pad, refreshing white cotton cover, and retractable hot iron rest.

You really can’t go wrong with either model. With a price difference equally impressive ironing board reviews, it’s up to you to decide which would work better for you.

One thing is for certain, both options may have you rethinking your search for the best built in ironing board after you see just how versatile and appealing tabletop ironing boards can be.

4. Household Essentials Presswood Tabletop Ironing Board

Household Essentials Presswood Table Top Ironing Board with Pull-Out Iron Rest, 12-Inch x 30-Inch

If you like the overall design of the Polder but are a loyal Household Essentials fan, the brand’s Presswood Tabletop Ironing Board was made with you in mind.

Just like the Polder above, this well-made tabletop board features a long U-shaped tubular steel frame with solid locking leg supports, presswood ironing surface, thick foam pad, 100 percent cotton cover, and retractable hot iron rest. Basically, it has everything you need in a tabletop ironing board.

While pressed wood is less durable than steel and some people question its use as an ironing surface, it holds up just fine in normal conditions and its slight give allows for better ironing results. However, since foam pads are used for both steel and pressed wood ironing surfaces, choosing between the two is really a matter of preference.

If you prefer the durability of steel, the first Household Essentials tabletop on this list would be a better option. On the other hand, if you like wood boards and prefer Household Essentials products, this is the ideal choice for you.

5. Dritz Collapsible Tabletop Ironing Board

Dritz Clothing Care 82451 Table Top Ironing Board, 35-1/2 x 12-1/4 x 5-Inch

The Dritz is far from the Ritz, but as far as tabletop ironing boards go, it’s pretty darn good. Designed to be a convenient board you can pack up and take with you anywhere, the Dritz Collapsible Tabletop Ironing Board is all about function, function, and more function.

For example, rather than coming with the standard foam found on most ironing boards, it features an ultra-plush heavy-duty pad for super soft and quiet ironing. It also has a mesh top that lets steam ass right on through.

Although it lacks an iron rest and a few other features found on the other boards, the Dritz Collapsible Tabletop Ironing Board tries to make up for it with its thoughtful and unique design.

Sure, it’s not the prettiest or the best iron board out there. However, if you’re looking for the best sturdy ironing board and something more mobile than an ironing board cabinet, you should definitely consider the Dritz.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Ironing Board

Most ironing boards look a lot alike, but in reality they are often quite different from one another. After all, if they were all the same, why would there be so many different models out there to choose from. While it’s nice to have options, the sheer variety of options and the differences between them makes picking the best ironing board easier said than done.

That being said, there are some key factors to consider that can make all of the difference in the world and turn your wrinkled clothes into a job well done.


The length of an ironing board is the first factor to consider. Although shorter boards are nice because they take up less space, they can’t be used for larger items and are often more difficult to use. This results in longer ironing time, which nobody likes. Some people don’t like longer boards because they take up more space, even when they’re folded and put away. However, if you’re less concerned about space and more concerned about performance and ease of use, a longer board is definitely the way to go.

Cover material

The material of the ironing board cover is also important. That’s why most ironing board reviews mention it. The material should be high quality cotton or another natural fiber capable of handling high temperatures. The covers of cheap ironing boards are usually made of synthetic materials, which tend to stick or even melt under a hot iron. This will not only ruin your clothes, but it may ruin your iron and the board itself as well. Also see how to replace the ironing board cover.


Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a hard surface to achieve well-pressed clothes. Clothes are actually easier to iron with a little bit of padding because it allows you to press down harder, apply more weight, and stretch out fibers more to straighten wrinkles. The best results are generally achieved with 5mm to 8 mm of foam padding.

Drawstring vs Bungee

 ironing board

Courtesy of Pat Scullion

Most ironing board covers are held on by either a drawstring or a bungee. Drawstrings tend to work best because they make it easier to keep covers snug and in place. Bungees fasteners, on the other hand, can be frustrating and cause ironing board covers to move around. This means you have to waste time moving the cover back in place; time that could be spent ironing. Thus, the best iron board should be one with a drawstring cover fastener.


The quality and sturdiness of an ironing board can also make a huge difference in its durability and ease of use. The metal frame, legs, and folding mechanism should be as solid as possible. It should never wobble when ironing and it should be strong enough to support a decent amount of weight. Along the same lines, the quality and sturdiness of the board is also important. The board, iron rest, and any other parts should be well-built and sturdy for optimal performance and safety. In the end, a sturdy, high-quality ironing board will save you a ton of time and make pressing clothes as enjoyable as possible.

By taking all of these factors into consideration, you’ll be able to easily spot the bad ironing boards from the great ones and ultimately end up with the best board for you.

Making the Decision

best ironing board

Courtesy of Cheryl Jaeger

If you’ve made it this far, you deserve a big congratulations because you now have all of the information you need to go out there and pick the very best ironing board for your home. All that’s left to do is actually find one and click the buy button before the laundry piles up again!

In all seriousness, the average person spends almost half an hour per day ironing. That’s a lot of time spent crouched over an ironing board, so don’t waste another minute.

As you can see from above, there’s a bevy of solid options out there to choose from. However, what’s the best for someone else may not be the best for you.

Just remember, the best ironing board to buy should be one that works for you and your needs. It’s out there, you just need to find it and buy it. Lucky for you, I’ve made it easy to do both. Happy ironing!